Project Encouragement Inc. was born from the belief that today’s society does not fully recognize, guide, or encourage young ladies to aspire to their greatest potential. At Project Encouragement Inc. we believe that all adolescents, particularly young ladies,need reassurance, esteem building, and most importantly, encouragement.

Project Encouragement Inc. is our way of honoring those who have encouraged and supported us as we have transitioned from teens to adults. Our program provides the solution for linking young ladies with caring women from various backgrounds and professions, for the sole purpose of mentoring in the areas of esteem building, goal setting, career exploration, and financial empowerment.

Project Encouragement Inc. provides mentoring services for high school girls. All activities, unless otherwise specified, are continuous throughout the year. Starting in September and through June, these activities are conducted at the high school. The program focus includes:

Career & College Preparation:

  • Research and identify career options
  • Attend local area job fairs conducted by various organizations
  • Research college/universities for majors and requirements

Academic Enrichment:

  • Meet with students, parents, and school officials to identify where assistance for the students is needed
  • Match students with tutors and/or other academic assistance Participate in Spring college tours/ visitations

Financial Empowerment:

  • Conduct career seminars to include: resume preparation, developing interviewing skills and follow-up correspondence
  • Conduct quarterly workshops on financial empowerment
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