Encouragement is never limited. – Marion S. Rosen

Why We Exist

Project Encouragement is the result of inspiration from GOD.  It is a tribute to all who guide, teach, support and inspire particularly my mentor and friend, the late Marion Shapiro Rosen.  

I met Marion as a teenager, during a difficult period in my life. She was my junior high school counselor.   She saw past the troubled teen. She saw a lady in the wings. She saw someone who could be a benefit to society, not a menace.  Her actions and words were always supportive and encouraging.  She allowed me to dream freely; to think in terms of possibilities. Through culturally enriching activities, she opened up my world;  she showed me that my limitations were self-imposed, the result of learned behavior, a reflection of my insecurities.  It was not an easy relationship, we did not always see eye to eye and I didn’t miraculously change or transform. However, she was consistent, patient, gentle and always encouraging. We learned from one another and our relationship blossomed into a lifelong friendship.

Marion dedicated her life to helping people, particularly young people.  She genuinely believed in their potential. Among the many things Marion shared with me was an essay she wrote entitled “PROJECT ENCOURAGEMENT - Encouraging Words and Phrases.”  It is from this essay that Project Encouragement was named and its philosophy derived. To paraphrase some of the language from this essay, “encouragement is never limited… it can be given for the slightest bit of positive movement and the child can revel in the feeling of having achieved a step forward.”  Encouragement helps the child see that ‘as he is, is good enough.’  Encouragement teaches one the “Courage to be Imperfect.” Encouragement stimulates a child to become aware of their inner strengths and to derive satisfaction from their own ability and promotes a willingness to contribute, cooperate and participate in the total situation.

Project Encouragement is my destiny, my life’s purpose. This is the venue where I share the knowledge I’ve acquired and the very difficult lessons I’ve learned with young ladies at a very crucial and possibly volatile time in their lives. I’d like to think that I was a work in progress, having evolved to this exact point in time.

Project Encouragement is where I share Marion ; her unconditional love, acceptance, support and encouragement. This is where she continues to live. This is her legacy.

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